Fish Stock Management

“Essential to maintain a healthy fishery”

We also did several netting’s for people last winter.  We get these waters health checked before we net and help the customers sell their excess fish onto other waters if the health checks come back clean.  Last year we had bream, roach, rudd and perch available, this year we should also have crucians, tench and carp.  As with any netting it’s impossible to say exactly what we’ll catch but if you are interested in any other species get in touch and we’ll keep you in the loop.  Again, we will only deal with waters that are covered with Cefas fishery registration and EA registrations and we will need to see your EA live fish movement permit to ensure you are covered for whichever species.

Netting & Electro Netting

If you need to reduce your stock at all we are happy to help if we can.  We have several nets and electro netting kit so can handle most jobs.  We will do everything to succeed, we did a netting last year for one client who had tried the year before and not caught a single fish except the odd perch gill netted in the net.  We caught loads in one pull including nearly all of their 30’s to just over 50lb. In all we removed and sold on over 500lb of fish and relocated a lot of their smaller home-grown carp to their growing on pond/lake.

Get in touch if your looking for nettings or stock of any other species, if we can’t help, we know several fish farmers who supply all species, several we have used ourselves on our own fisheries.