Carp For Sale

Carp for sale at NG Fisheries, available for collection or delivery during our winter harvest from November 2020 to March 2021.

Below is a list of the various year classes of carp for sale and their respective prices for the November 2020 – March 2021 winter harvest.

3 Summer Carp (C3) Prices

3 Summer Carp (C3)

£5/lb                Under 5lb

£10/lb                5 – 9.15lb

Our 3 summer carp (C3’s) are all mirror carp and are expected to average 8lb.

5 Summer Carp (C5) Prices

5 Summer Carp (C5)

£15/lb                14 – 15lb

£20/lb                15 – 20lb

Our 5 summer (C5’s) are a mix of pure Croatians and Croatian/AJS crosses. An average weight of 14 – 15lb might be an under-estimation but we’d rather do that and have a pleasant surprise nearer the time.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges on small orders work out around 40p/mile and will be calculated and agreed in advance. Orders over £3,000 free delivery.