Our Fish

“It’s easy to grow 40’s, not impossible to grow 50’s but let’s be fair, all the 60’s in the UK have been genetic freaks!

Gary Bayes

We supply Day Tickets, Angling Clubs and Syndicates with arguably some of the best looking and fast growing carp available. From scaly Croatian/AJS crosses, to fast growing Dinks and chunky Croatian pures.


This year we have purchased a 3rd batch of fish 2020, this time hatched more naturally in late May, from a different farm who also produce lovely, chunky German Dink type carp.  These fish we have had to put in a large stock pond on a different site.  The C2’s in the cormorant meshed pond have been thinned out, with over 2,000 sold and over 1,000 being transferred to a different pond but there is still too many in the cormorant meshed pond and they are ferocious feeders and would have definitely eaten the little 1-inch Dinks. 

Already in no time at all the dinks are averaging 3 inch and will be for sale this winter 2020/2021, hopefully at about 1lb but time will tell.  What aren’t sold will be transferred to the cormorant meshed pond.

Croatian/AJS Crosses

The 2nd batch of fish were purchased on NG Fisheries 2nd year 2018, these are all Croatian/AJS crosses and all mirrors. Again, they were hatchery reared, born in February, delivered in May and by the end of the summer averaged 1lb4oz. We bought 5,000 and put them in the 2nd pond, an adjacent 1-acre square pond which we cormorant meshed. We seem to have a very high survival rate so sold as many as we could to get the numbers down while they were C1’s. Last year at C2’s they averaged 4lb with the biggest weighed 6lb 14oz. The same as the first batch of pure Croatian and Croatian/AJS crosses, proving we got the feed better from the off with these fish and held back the first fish we purchased by not getting the feed right.

Croatian Pures & Croatian/AJS Crosses

Initially we bought 10,000 5gram fish in 2016 and put them in a 2-acre stock pond/reservoir we found. These fish were spawned in a hatchery the previous February and kept inside till May when they were delivered to us at just 5 grams. Half of these fish were Croatian blood line the other half being Croatian/AJS Fisheries crosses.

Yep, this raised a few eyebrows but they were spawned from several generations of fish reared in the UK, just like most other UK carp. The source of these fish has produced fish to ounces short of 60 in a water younger than Bayeswater.